Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Just wanted to fill everyone in on the status of Gypsy at the Old Opera House.

Those of us that tried out were sent an email today. It seems that they will be taking the unusual step of scheduling another open audition night. From what I gathered from the email, they have not yet been able to cast the principle roles. I guess this means that the turn out was underwhelming in regards to numbers, given the size of the cast.

So if any of you loyal blog readers live in the Charles Town, West Virginia area, stop on by for another go round of open auditions for Gypsy, at the Old Opera house on July 31st at 7PM.

Who knows? You may even find yourself on stage with me. Then you would have a first hand account of my adventures. How exciting would that be?


Kendra said...

Wish I could try out.
*Is EXTREMELY jealous, and sits in a corner sulking*
I better find a theater here soon or I might kill someone...or something like that.

Susan Abraham said...

Ty, I'm going to wait eagerly for your next role. With your determination, vision and passion for the theatre, it's only a matter of time.