Friday, February 24, 2006

"Let Them Eat Cake" (after scene 3)

Tonight (technically last night by the time this gets posted) was a short rehearsal for me, as rehearsals go. We ran two scenes, only one of which I was in, so I got to go home early.

Not everyone was there. The chorus and the smaller parts were not needed tonight, though some of them did not get the email to this effect. They came, and were sent home. I feel for them, as I know I hate riding on 340 for no reason. (I have mentioned this various times throughout this blog, but it bears repeating.)

All told, there were only about 7 people there. Like some of the early rehearsals for Miracle on 34th Street, it had this small cast feel tonight, despite being nothing of the kind.

We just worked on some blocking. In order to have something as a reference for a bunk, the director pulled out this hideous, rotting former front seat of a car. I think it was a set piece for the previous show. Rusted metal, fabric all over the place. The thing is, it was red and white leather, with huge red leather hearts on the back of the seats. It looked like it should be from the remnants of Thelma and Louise's car. It must have been just as hideous when it was new. I am semi-thankful I did not have to sit on the thing myself.

I made the small error of mentioning something to our stage manager. I told her in an email that I might be late for practice tonight, because of birthday plans. (I turned 28 yesterday.) I was not late, but after we ran through the first scene, "Happy Birthday" singing and ice cream cake abounded. That was fun. Very rich cake. I could almost feel my teeth decay as I ate it. Yet, it was tasty. Nice of her and the rest of the group to do that.

I overheard the costume designer mention that she was finding more stuff in storage that was usable for this show than she anticipated. Still no word on whether a cool hat for me is part of that collection. As soon as word on headgear is confirmed, I will post on same.

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