Wednesday, February 22, 2006

On Stage and the Sith

Tonight was the first night of blocking for Anything Goes. I have been lucky in that the last two plays I have been in have gotten onto the stage in rather short order. We never used the small/stuffy rehearsal room to block scenes. (This is where we practice the music still, however.)

Not everyone was present, and I guess that is typical for a community show. It just so happens that the people who are most often missing are the ones who leave the biggest holes in the blocking. It's never a walk on or background role that is missing. It's people around whom an entire scene is built.

That being said, we covered some ground. Given that we did not have to sing or dance tonight, I think things went rather well.

There is a minor character concern I have about my part. To be more accurate, it is two parts consolidated into one. Yet I will not share that here on the blog just yet, as I have not yet spoken to the director about it. I will probably either email him tomorrow, or the following day.

One thing that will make my life easier is a different copy of the script the director gave me today. That is to say a copy of the whole script. This is so I will not have to juggle back and forth between the two "sides" as they call them. I am much relieved by this. That whole nonsense with side scripts boggles my mind to no end.

I watched "Revenge of the Sith" for the first time today. Borrowed the DVD. This is not going to be a full fledged review, as I am not a Jedi. (Read, die hard fan of the series). I will say that is was the most tolerable of the three prequels. That however is like saying the boil on one's left arm is somewhat less engorged than the boil on one's right arm. The whole trilogy was not only unnecessary, but poorly done. The few moments that struck my attention in this third installment were cheats on the part of Lucas; the short and hurried references to future events in the real Star Wars Trilogy. "So that is why Vader needed the mask", type of scenes. Such moments alone do not an epic make, however.

That being said I will probably watch the special features of the DVD before it goes back anyway. It is hard for me to resist those, much of the time.

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