Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Warmer Stage and Dead Birds

Tonight inside the theatre, it was a balmy 41 degrees. In other words, an improvement over last night.

As far as rehearsing, I did not have alot to do in the scenes we worked on today. I learned I would be on stage for yet another scary dance sequence. I have not yet mastered the first one. It should prove interesting to say the very least.

Several main people were absent today. We did what we could without them.

I ended up staying later than most people tonight, because at the spur of the moment we ran a scene not on the schedule originally. A scene in which I have a mere two lines. No matter to me, though. Progress is progress. I was once in a show wherein I had but one line in all of act 2, yet always showed up for nights dedicated to rehearsing act 2. I did not mind that either. However, back then route 340 was a much tamer beast than it is today. Yet I digress.

A group of people backstage got a little too rowdy tonight. I admit being in physical proximity to them, and paying some attention to the conversation. Yet when the stage manager came and told us to quiet down, I refused to honor the joking request she made of me to set an example. As if it was my fault those people were getting worked into a frenzy of laughter over the notion of dropping random dead seagulls on the stage during the performances. (This was in fact the topic of the conversation. Take that as you will.)

I think I will spend most of tomorrow afternoon memorizing at least the one scene we are doing tomorrow evening. I would like to be off book for it by the time we run it at 7:00. I won't be totally off book for a week or so, but I am tired of carrying the book around already.

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