Thursday, February 16, 2006

Talent Show, Part 1

I know, not a very creative title. Cut me some slack, I am tired. Tonight was the first semi-rehearsal for Friday's talent show. Personally I would have preferred a little more time to get ready for the actual show, but I think it will be fine nonetheless.

There are about 25 acts in all. Not all of them will be competing for prizes. Though I am technically on the sheet as a competitor, I am really doing this just as something different and fun to do. If I win, fine, but if not, I accomplished my main goal of performing at the Apollo Civic Theatre for the first time.

My friend gave me a tour, as I had never been there except as an audience member. The place is much bigger than the Old Opera House, where I have done most of my stuff. Many parts of it are in disrepair because of a constant need of funding. It is not difficult to tell, however, that at one time the place was rather magnificent.

Up in the lighting booth they even have two movie projectors still at their posts, back from the building's days as a cinema. I am not an expert, but by the looks of them, they dated back until at least the 1930's. I also saw on shelves in the basement stacks of old fashioned iron letters, as would be hung on the old style marquee, when it was in use. Looked like a complete set too. Even saw the comma.

As for the practice itself, it went well. I was not sure what the acoustics would be like, for my voice or the music. Both were fine, however. I could hear myself and my backup music. In addition to myself, there are several other very talented people that are taking part in this show, either as competitors, or just as featured acts. Not bad.

The word is getting out too, it seems. The directors of this event even mention to us tonight that they were on local radio this morning, discussing the show coming up. It seems the community has eagerly awaited this event since the great success of last season. (The inaugural year for this particular talent show.) We did not go in order tonight, opting instead just to let everyone get used to the stage and the audio. Tomorrow night will be full dress, in the actual order of the acts. We will see how that goes. I will be the 8th act to perform. I am very happy with this position, as it is neither too early too be comfortable, nor so late as to be fatigued.

More tomorrow from the talent show front.

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Anonymous said...

You sounded great! We were all rocking out in the back...(there's a pretty good chance you might have seen us).