Saturday, February 18, 2006

Talent Show Part 3, and more

mSo, the talent show was last night. I intended to record an audio blog entry after I sang, but I forgot to bring my password on a piece of paper. Oh well.

I did not win anything. This does not really sadden me though. I got many compliments, and the audience was into my routine. That is what counts for me.

The only thing I regret is that the previously mentioned jerks dressed in black won the grand prize. Not nice people.

However, that semi-stressful event is now complete. My 2 minutes with the audience was fun, and beyond that it just does not matter anymore.

As for today I just got back from the first dance rehearsal for Anything Goes. (That I could attend.) To be brief but descriptive, I was there dancing an hour ago as I type this. I remember nothing. Even the "cheats" she gave to those of us who cannot dance, but need to look like we are dancing, were too complex for me to remember.

I am not bitter about this, nor am I angry. I expected it to be so, and I went in there knowing that I would not be able to do most of it. If they still want me there based on whatever I end up doing by show time, than God love them.

Almost on cue, "Dancing Queen" by ABBA came on not once, but twice on the radio on my drive home. No one would ever confuse me with a dancing queen. Or dancing king, duke, earl, prince or peasant, for that matter. I am the guy that the dancing queen would send to the tower, or something, if she had an actual kingdom.

Thankfully, she does not, or else she would in fact find me after today, and order me to knock it off.

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