Friday, February 17, 2006

Talent Show Part 2

My practice went all right tonight I suppose. I do not think anyone in this show really likes or appreciates much of what anyone else is doing, to be honest with you. It's all kind of a joyless affair, at least thus far. Maybe that is how talent shows always are, but That makes getting up there hard. It takes some of the fun I thought I would be having out of it.

Not to mention, some guy wearing all black leather and a buzz cut, accompanied by a girl in black with black lipstick, that belonged to a band with a name no one could pronounce, informed me that he hates canned music (such as I am using for my act). He says karaoke sucks and that it is not original.

This, of course, coming from a guy dressed all in black and leather with a buzz cut, with a girl friend who wears all black lipstick, that belongs to a band with a name no one can pronounce...a list of characteristics which by no means are original for bands anymore. Each of those traits is so far removed from counter-culture that they are mainstream these days. The sorts of people who first created that look and attitude have grandkids by now.

My point? Those with unoriginal acts that play on glass stages should not throw stones. Enough said.

I suppose there is a chance that the real fun will come out tomorrow when the live audience is there. Few if any of my friends can come, so it will mostly be strangers. I hope that I have fun, though all of the others worries that this mini-show has accumulated in my mind make me wonder. I will do my best to both perform well, and to have fun, and we will see what happens.

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