Saturday, February 24, 2007


Tonight I went to see my friend Gaby play Rizzo in Grease. As usual, she was excellent. I had no doubts.

Interesting factoid: This was the firsttime I have ever watched a show that I at one point had been in myself. I did not even realize that until tonight. I was surprised at how many lines came back to me with relative ease. I guess in some corner of the mind of an actor, a script is always there.

What was left of the script anyway. They elected to do the cleanedup Grease version. This supposedly more family friendly version excisesa so much original material that at times it is choppy. As a whole, not as good as the real version. I mean if you are going to do Grease, do Grease, right? But that is in no way Gaby's fault. So well done to Gaby. =)

Tomorrow rehearsal is scheduled, but a big ice storm is forecast for this area. That might put the brakes on that for me, we will see. Either way, I am almost off book for act one. (Which I admit is my smaller responsibility. But still...

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Olaf said...

Happy belated birthday! I turned 30 this year, so it was kind of a big one.