Monday, February 19, 2007

Second Read Through

I suppose the title of this entry leave little doubt as to what we did tonight.

It went well. Several of the people that could not make on the first night were able to be there today. Also, overall, I think there is a noticeably improved repartee within the cast, even since earlier in the week. That is a promising sign indeed.

We also received our tentative rehearsal schedules today. I will not have to report back until Thursday. When I do, I will be blocking on stage already. I love being able to get on the stage this early in the process.

I am glad the read-throughs are over, actually. It is not that I hate them, but for some reason I always feel a little less comfortable with what I need to do during a read through. I do not think it is because it is early in the process, because I have been through this too many times to be overtly nervous about starting a new show. (Thursday will still be early, and I know I will feel more comfortable.) I think its because physical movement; crosses, entrances, exits, and the like conspire to more efficiently consume my energies when performing. Energies that sort of reverberate back on themselves in the small confines of a sit down read through. I guess in that sense, it also feels like I am performing under a microscope somewhat.

But the point is mute. Read throughs never take up too much time in a rehearsal process, and they would seem to be totally over for this show.

I also tried on some costume pieces today. This character I am playing is a UPS delivery man, and so I will need a uniform of such. I learned something interesting and silly today, however. UPS uniforms an unattainable item.

Our costume person explained to me today that such uniforms cannot be obtained for any reason. Not for Halloween, or for theatre of for anything. Even if you work for UPS and quit, they confiscate your uniform. Seems there is a fear that it would allow strange people to enter home's they do not belong in too easily. There is also a terrorism threat in there someplace.

To add to the intrigue...uniforms of the United States Postal Service are readily available everywhere.

Go figure, right?

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