Monday, February 05, 2007

Latest Audition

About an hour ago, I got back from my first audition of any kind since August or so. As I have been mentioning the last week, the show is "Dearly Beloved".

I got there a bit early, as is my custom. A handful of people I knew, and have worked with before were already there. More people I knew, as well as quite a few I did not know, trickled in over the next 20 minutes. It was actually quite a turn out.

Especially for men. Usually women outnumber the men, but not this time. I will be facing some competition, that is for sure. (Even some men my age were there, which is often not the case.)

I was not sure who was directing the play until I got there. I then realized it was the director I have worked with the most out of all plays I have done at the Opera House. So at least I did not have to meet a new director. (Though sometimes that can be quite exciting.)

I happened to be in the first group called in to read. My, another guy (whom I have never met) and two women, both of whom I have worked with before. All three of them did quite well in their readings. I can see any one of them in a few different parts.

As for, I felt totally comfortable. I usually do at the Opera House, but more so this time for various reasons. One, as I said, I know the director quite well. Secondly, I had read through the script on my own several times before auditioning. (I feel that gives a person the edge.)

There are 4 male parts. I read some for three of them, including my preferred part. I will accept any role he wants to give, but I did express my preference on my audition form.

As for the actual audition, it went well. I cannot think of anything specifically that I would have liked to have done that I did not get to do. True, there was one speech I looked over and practiced a lot from the script which I did not read. But the director gave us a chance to read anything we wanted at one point, and I opted not to ask. I was just happy to have been able to read for all three bigger male roles. Asking to read more than he asked when he was satisfied seemed like overkill to me. So I declined. He knows my work anyway.

I saw several people there that I have enjoyed working with in the past, so if I do get cast, hopefully so will some of them.

He did not say when we will know for sure. Judging by precedent, I would say between a week and ten days. Until then, the waiting game. Wish me luck, loyal blog readers. I've been off the stage for a bit too long.

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Susan Abraham said...


I have read so many of your blog entries now that my heart took its quick leap of a nervous trepidation, on just reading this post.

It's amazing how you are able to see things in such a fair-minded perspective and then to offer a wholly realistic view of things.

Whatever the outcome, at least you went & made your presence felt, received once more the love of theatre and are slowly re-entering the thick of things.

Here's to keeping fingers crossed. :-)