Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm In.

Well, loyal blog readers, I received the call. I have been offered a role in the Old Opera House production of "Dearly Beloved". It is the role I expressed a mild preference for when I auditioned, so that is pleasing.

I have no idea at all who else is in the show with me at this point. I of course hope some of my friends who tried out also got in. But unless they tell me so, I won't know until the first read-through. (Which is tentatively scheduled for Thursday.) I will of course report on how that goes.

So begins a new chapter...and it will be covered from read-through to strike right here, as always.


Susan Abraham said...

Oh Ty...thank God!
I'm so pleased.
Onward to the next chapter... :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Have a good time and I hope you get to and from the rehearsal/read through or whatever safely this evening.

Christine said...

Congrats, Ty! Glad you'll be working with Steve again. I wish I could have tried out too, but a new baby is a handful! I will be costuming, though. I am already searching for a UPS uniform for you!