Monday, February 26, 2007


Tonight was a productive rehearsal, despite the fact I had very little to do in it. Only 4 lines and two scenes for me. But the scenes were working really well. Everyone seemed to be hitting a nice rhythm tonight. Easy flow, even though we were still blocking the scenes as we went. I enjoyed being there. (In no small part due to the fact that there was no traffic this time on my drive in!)

We also have a rudimentary set built. The back walls of the room are up, with the makings of a sanctuary entrance. (It takes place in a church.) So That was good stuff.

I tried on some costume stuff before rehearsal. "UPSque" garb. Brown shit and pants, that qwill soon be converted to brown shorts and short sleeved shirt. You have to love tailoring.

One dilemma faced today involved a prop. In one scene we ran tonight, a character has to take a glass and smash it on the floor. We have plenty of cheap glasses at the OOH, so it's not a problem to destory real ones. The problem is that when the actress did so tonight, as a full test, the shards went everywhere. Obliterated the thing. No one was hurt, and we were all braced for the possibility, but it was still a cause for concern. Big pieces, sharp pieces. Really tiny glass nuggets. (Those are what worried me the most.) The director added business for one of the characters who is not speaking to clean up the glass as the scene progressed, but there was a lot left over. Plus, he was concerned about how far upstage the pieces had flown. (All the way to the extreme back.) So, we are pondering ways to get this action down, and to do so safely. If any fellow actors out there have any ideas, please post them, and I will share them with our people.

That was is for tonight. Tomorrow is a semi-big night for me. We will be going over the short scene which consists almost entirley of a monlogue that I deliver. I am going to try to have it memorized by tomorrow. I am not required to, but it will certainly go easier if I do. So I will be spending timeon that today.

I am almost ready to declare myself off book for act one.

So, I look forward to tomorrow night.

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Susan Abraham said... shards everywhere.
That's scary!
I think it's a bit late for me to wish you luck now. :-)