Thursday, February 22, 2007


I have sort of an unwritten rule...being some place is almost never worth it if you spend less time in the place than it took you to get there. It was nobody's fault, but that was the case tonight. It took my an hour and a half to drive the 20 or so miles to Charles Town for rehearsal. It's pretty much the worst traffic I have ever been in on that road. Or at least very close to it.

Then rehearsal itself lasted just less than that amount of time, (but the time I got there.) I was 35 minutes late.

I am never late for anything if it can be avoided. Tonight was in no way avoidable, but I always feel off when I am late. Not just as an actor, per se, but in general, I always feel as though something is amiss when I arrive late to something I am expected to attend. But not much can be done about it, so I will not spend any more time fussing over it.

As for the actual rehearsal, it went well enough, I suppose. We have sort of a shadow set up on the stage. We changed it around a bit before the end of the evening, but it is sufficient to represent what sort of space we will have. Approximate of course. (Given that a kitchen sink is currently standing in for a piano.)

This was my first scene, and one of my shortest ones. So I am pretty much off book for it already. I still took the book with me just in case, but I pretty much have that scene. I should work more on it, and other scenes tomorrow during the day though. In truth, I probably have less time, proportionately speaking to get off book for this show than I have for any show in a while. I do not think it will be a problem, but I need to get on it.

In fact this whole process is accelerated for this show, I bet it will fly by. 5 weeks total to rehearse. Starting off on the stage right away. Tomorrow marking only 4 weeks until we open. It is a fast moving affair no doubt.

There is rehearsal tomorrow. (The second year in a row I had a rehearsal on my birthday.) I am going to leaves hours ahead of time to avoid more traffic messes. (It's always worse on Fridays). I would rather walk around town, or sit in the lobby reading a book for 2 hours, than spend two hours in stop and go traffic anyway.

Until then.

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