Thursday, June 21, 2007

Back to Normal

We had the entire cast present for last night's rehearsal. As far as I know, they will all be present tonight as well, for our final rehearsal.

As I mentioned last entry, we went back to the headsets. Though still a bit distracting, I was alright overall wearing mine. It is a bit small, though, and I am hoping to find a larger, more comfortable set. But if not, I will live. Too late in the game to be worried about minutia.

I would say that by this point, with a few smaller sections I am working on, I have hit my timing with the show. The interpreters are doing better with following the silent characters, and I myself have gotten my Kennedy mannerisms down, probably as good as rehearsal is going to make them.The beginning is a little shaky still, but improving each night.

I did hear the director talking to one of the actresses in the show. He mentioned how she should try to play this show more as a spoof. To that end she advised me she would be approaching the character from a totally different way tonight. In what way, I cannot be certain, but I suppose I will be finding out tonight.

I also wore my costume last night. Didn't have to, but I hadn't really worn my full costume for a rehearsal yet, and I wanted to get used to it as soon as I could.So I put it on, and will have it one for the duration of the run.

My hair style is also probably as close as it is going to get. But I think I have gotten pretty close, given how different my hair tends to be from Kennedy's during his life.

Hard to believe we are down to just the final rehearsal. This really was the play that almost feels like it wasn't. Being there each night this week has to some small degree helped bring home the fact that we are opening soon, but it doesn't quite takeaway from the sporadic feeling of the previous month.

No matter, however. I actually feel quite prepared.

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