Sunday, June 24, 2007

Best Night Thus Far!

I play Kennedy in this play. Kennedy himself often quoted the ancient Greek definition of success...

"The full use of your powers along the lines of excellence."

By such a definition, tonight was a total success!

Bar none it was the best performance of the show we have yet offered. And we had the audience to match. About 70 people. (A strong showing for the festival.) Responsive, warm, and fun loving people. Those who caught on to the more subtle nuances of the play, and got more of the jokes. more into it than last night's crowd. Very rewarding.

It started before the show even opened, when I got my hair as close to right as it have ever been. Then, when I was actually performing, everything totally clicked. More so even than last night and any of the rehearsal. this week. The gestures, the timing, the pace. It all added up to an enjoyable evening for me. It has, in fact, been a while since an evening of theatre, (albeit a short one) was that much fun for me. I am very pleased.

The best part of it all was tonight was the night that got video taped! I very much look forward to seeing a copy of this play. If ever we nailed it, it was tonight.

Only one medium sized mistake...a sound cue was late, and then somewhat cut off, forcing me to jump ahead a few seconds. It was covered well, if I say so myself. The only damage I would say would be that one of the jokes was lost. But I never much cared for that joke anyway, so perhaps it was for the better.

Tomorrow's matinee is our last performance. Despite them being historically less impressive that Saturday night's, I have family and friends coming then. So hopefully we can top, or at least equal tonight.

To be honest though, even if we end up not quite matching tonight, tonight itself made the whole festival worth it to me.

Kudos to me and my cast mates!

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suzanabrams said...

So you were in another play, your portrayal of President Kennedy.
Ahh...I missed the buzz of it all.