Saturday, June 23, 2007


Tonight was the debut of my portrayal of President Kennedy.

All and all, it went well. Quite to my satisfaction.

The crowd was quite small. 30 people perhaps. But records indicate it was biggerthan last year's Play Festival opening night. As I recall from last year, the second night was bigger than the first night. Hopefully that will hold true for this year as well.

As I have said, our play tends to be a bit confusion as it opens, and I think this crowd was in fact a bit confused. However, they did laugh at some key moments, and in fact laughed a few times I did not expect them to. They were not falling over in the aisles, but they were getting it, by and large.

I did get list for a moment once or twice. Not hopelessly of course, because I have the script right there. But once or twice I lost my place on the page, and the interpretor may have started before I had the chance to. But it was nothing that the audience noticed. At least I doubt they did.

I think the final two performances will go even better. This was a unique challenge for me. I knew that from day one. But now that the novelty ofhaving to do this pantomimtype of performance is behind me, I think i can make it smoother tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

You always have the cutest titles for your entries.

suzanabrams said...

Hi Ty,
I've just realised how handsome you must be to be playing Kennedy. :-)