Friday, June 22, 2007

Last Practice

It seems we saved the best for last. At least in my opinion. I think the run through went better than it ever has. My performance last night went the best out of all the rehearsals, from my own perspective. Everything flowed nicely, the timing between me and the interpreter was very close to spot on, and I truly felt the Kennedy mannerisms coming to me very naturally. I had alot of fun last night, and I certainly hope the tonight's opening will go just as well, and be just as fun.

The managing director of the whole festival said that all the plays have come a long way in just a week. I of course did not see the other plays every night, but speaking for our play alone, I have to agree with him.

It is still a bizarre play. It may still confuse the audience, (as it did one of the actresses in one of the other plays who watched us practice last night.) Yet that confusion will not be due to the cast, by and large. Given the fact that we had fewer rehearsals than the other shows, and that our full cast took a while to be formed, we are set to do pretty damn with our reading this weekend.

So in just a few hours, I will ask not what the audience can do for me, but what I can do for the audience.

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suzan abrams said...

Hi Ty,
My inkling is that you enjoyed this so much better than the earlier play, didn't you.