Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Super Tuesday

Rehearsed with one person short today. Despite this, I think it went fairly well.

It seems other directors think our play had been running too long. I personally do not agree with the statement, but nonetheless our director was asked to instruct us to speed up the show.

I suppose we succeeded. Tonight we took 18 minutes, as opposed to 25 minutes the previous night.

It also felt good. A groove is developing, and I really felt I captured the gestures and traits of JFK in several places. Much to my satisfaction, my director agreed with this.

The director in charge of the whole festival, however, had concerns about us not wearing the head set devices that we previously worked with. So we may have to put those back on. This is somewhat disappointing, seeing as how everyone in the show, including our director, felt that things ran alot smoother, and looked alot better without dealing with the headsets. So natural I was concerned at first. But the director reassured me that if we switch back to headsets, we would be allowed to put them on and forget them. This, as opposed to taking them off and putting them on at very awkward moments, as called for in the script.

If this is the option we take, I will be satisfied. So long as my movements are not restricted. We will be trying it out again tomorrow night, with the head sets.

Two more rehearsals to go, and I think, as I said, we are hitting a stride. I would say more, but it really is as simple as that. We are hitting a stride because the timing is improving, the blocking is getting more natural, and I myself actually feel as though I am moving about like JFK for most of the show. So, no need to over analyse things when they go well. I will just enjoy them, and hope the improvement continues.

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