Monday, June 18, 2007

Projections and Such

It seems a short slide show of pictures of JFK and Castro, projected on to the scrim behind our set will be used to open our play. An interesting touch. I just hope that seeing real pictures of JFK will not cause people to focus on just how unlike JFK I look.

As for the rest of rehearsal, a small amount of a stride is starting to be hit by the cast. It is confirmed that the silent characters will not be wearing headsets or using phones. They will be totally free to move around at will without having to be concerned with when to take off the headphones, put them on, lower them, etc. Despite the quite surreal visual this will create, I am in favor of it; mainly because it allows me greater freedom to move about. With my script on the desk, I am now totally hands free.

As for other aspects of the show, I feel more comfortable each time we do it, and it seems, so do the other cast members. We have not had much of a chance to talk as a cast outside of the rehearsals we have had, (indeed I spoke directly to one of the cast mates off stage for the very first time after rehearsal tonight.) But from what I gather, everyone is starting to feel more comfortable. The main challenge for the interpreters is to not start speaking before their respective president does so. This only happen with my interpreter once tonight, and that is a pretty good record if you ask me, given how little practice we have had with it.

There were no costumes tonight, and I do not think they are required again until Thursday. But given the fact that I like to perform in costume, to get a feel for how the clothes feel when I move about, I may be wearing my costume from now on.

Still working on my hair, as well. I have something resembling a part in the right place when I brush my hair, but it is still missing something. I think my hair's natural curl take away from my attempts at a JFK coif. I may need to use hairspray. Or perhaps I will just leave it, knowing that it is never going to be perfect.

Indeed, one of my main goals is to have people say, when they watch me, "He really does suggest JFK quite well." I do not look like him in the slightest, as I have said, but if i can get people to say I remind them of Kennedy, based on my hand gestures, facial expression, and stances, (without sacrificing the appropriate emotions), I will be happy overall.

Tomorrow we rehearse one cast member short. It cannot be helped, and I am not angry about it. I just wish it did not have to be that way is all. But such is the way of community theatre sometimes.

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