Sunday, October 21, 2007

Backlog Entry

I am quite tired this evening, having delivered a tour earlier. But I realized I had skipped two rehearsal updates, so it was time to remedy that. (Since I will have another rehearsal tomorrow.)

First, our normal rehearsal on Friday. Hands down the best that The Philadelphia has gone. Not to jinx it, but that was close to the rehearsal where you know you totally have a show down. A few lines were skipped here and there, but nothing that would throw off the show. In practice, we are officially off book.

At one point I apparently made a gesture, or intonation on a line that was rather every in the room cracked up, and the scene had to be started over. I suppose if this is happening, I am doing something right.

Unlike many directors I have worked with, my current director told us that he does not mind something like that happening during a performance, provided we actors can jump back into the script and not get lost. I doubt it will happen during a performance, now that it has already happened. But anything is possible, and it is good to know we have that leeway.

Later that night, we ran through Glass, but were one person short. Still, not too bad, though we all were shaky in our own certain parts of the script. Nonetheless, the repetition helped.

This was even more helpful the following morning, when just those of us in Glass met on our own, to basically run the show over and over again until its patterns started to click with us.Twice, we very nearly performed it without mistakes! This is a big victory, as I have been most worried about this script. But as I said, it's there in our heads now. That much at least has been proven. With tech week coming up, we have many more times to beat it into our heads, and for the first time I can say I feel confident that we will.

But as one actress observed, in a play like this, the audience will probably never know if we screw up, so long as we do not show it on our faces. Agreed.

So, a week from now, opening night will be over! Hard to believe it is that soon, once again. It has been a strange rehearsal process, no doubt. Uneven, and nowhere near as often as I am used to. And yet, we are succeeding! And I assume the other plays in the production are moving along just as well.

So again, for you Shepherdstown locals that may be reading this, come see us. for all the info you need.

And that, loyal blog readers, is that for now. More tomorrow.

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Suzan Abrams said...

Enjoyed this wonderful diary entry, Ty.