Monday, October 15, 2007

Clock is Ticking...

All kinds of things going on.

Firstly, my thanks to the anonymous poster who said they enjoyed my radio show. (Found at A new episode will be along soon. Please, whoever you are, keep commenting.

Secondly, and the main thing is, rehearsal. I had one Thursday, and one today.

I am proud to say I am off book for The Philadelphia. I can now concentrate on the all important

It is just as well too, because we actually open a week from Saturday! Holy!

Which still leaves me with some worries about Philip Glass. When we all read from the book, our timing and character is great. But we get pretty confused pretty quickly when we are without books. For my part, when I listen to a tape of it, I am pretty close to knowing everything. 90% I dare say. But when it comes to actually doing it with others...lots of things get lost. I will have to work double time to get this one ready to go. (Though I did come up with a bit of movement on Thursday that director found funny. I will keep it.)

As for The Philadelphia, my main goal at this point is to register the realization of being in a "Philadelphia", but not to such a degree as to make it surreal. It may in fact be that to the audience, but I feel the piece only works if the predicament my character is in; as outlandish as it may be, actually seems possible in the universe of the play. Indeed, this is probably the best way to approach any David Ives production, in my opinion. Well, except, possibly, for Philip Glass.

So, my overall goal, now that I am off book, is to "keep it real" within the unrealness, if that makes sense. It doesn't work as a total absurdest piece, in my view.

I must also go shopping for a costume. We are to be wearing all black shirts, shoes, pants, etc. All of the plays are doing so, and just adding a small piece here and there to denote what they are doing at any given moment.

Aside from my rehearsal, I got to see some of the other plays in the collection today. They seem to be coming along rather well. Hopefully all of them will improve steadily between now and opening night. (The day of which we may have to have a rehearsal, for we may not have access to the building with all of the set pieces and curtains until the morning of the very first show.)

All and all, it is coming along. I wish I were further along in Philip Glass, but I cannot help but be very satisfied with the progress I have made in Philadelphia.

One final side note...I gave my first tour last night. (Saturday). It went pretty much as I thought it would go. I had fun, and the guests seemed to have fun, which in the end is all that matters. I even made a few tips.

Next rehearsal is Thursday. Those of you who read this and are nearby, come see it! Go to for details.
nuance of performing and movement. I will not call it blocking, as basically I am sitting the whole time, with a few moments of pacing. But either way, the little things...gestures, facial expressions, etc, are now getting more attention.

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