Monday, October 22, 2007

Hell "Partial" Week

Indeed, it all begins tomorrow. But, first things first.

Today there was a rehearsal. All of the plays were supposed to be present, but, only a fraction showed up. At least during the time I was there.

First thing I went over was Philip Glass. We ran that several times..and with few exceptions, it gets better and better each time. There are bumps, but I am quite pleased with the progress. Sometimes, with a piece like this, you can get to know it so well that you almost don't know it for a moment. That is to say, your brain knows where you are, and what you need to be doing, but your mind is not quite confident enough to believe get something right, but you are not certain you were right, so you hesitate. You become tentative. There were a few instances of this today. But not many, I am proud to say. I feel very confident now in saying that by thetime we open (in just a few days!!!)we will be all set.

My scene partner for The Philadelphia was not here today. Before I left, I ran lines with the director, but I have that down cold, and he said there was no reason to go over that again.

And hence was the start of "hell week".

Sadly, my partner for Philadelphia will miss a few days, because he is getting married. I myself will, sadly, have to miss two nights of hell week because of my job. (I have never missed a tech week rehearsal before, to the best of my memory.) But a job is a job. In the end, I think I will have only two chances all week to run The Philadelphia with my scene partners, in the true venue of the performance. (Most of the rehearsals have been in the director's home.) I am not at all worried...a tad concerned perhaps. I will never have opened a show with this little venue rehearsal beforehand. But, it is what it is, I signed on for it, and it is still exciting to be part of a new, up and coming theatre company.

I will be working extra hard, in some ways. In other ways, I will not be. To be more specific, I will be working extra hard during the rehearsals I will be able to attend this week. But at the same time, I do not feel I will have a lot to review on my own at home.

Consider, loyal blog readers, that for the one play, I am off book enough to not have to sweat it too much. Quick reviews of the pages each night before bed should be enough. And for the Philip Glass piece, we are at a point where going over the script on our own probably no longer does any good; we all need to be present to get the most out of rehearsing that. I will be going over some problem spots myself, but between being okay for one script, and the highly unusual other script, there will not be much extra work at home that I will be able to do.

Very unconventional feelings leading into a very unconventional tech week for a very unusual production. But variety can only improve an actor's character. Into the uniqueness, I say.

(tickets for the show still available!!)

And on another note, I just posted another episode of my internet radio show, over at Go there!

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Suzan Abrams said...

Ty, I'll have to check out your radio talk show very shortly.
What an enlightening post this was especially para no.2. Some educational bits for me.