Saturday, October 27, 2007

Unexpected Rehearsal

So I had rehearsal tonight at the director's house. I wasn't supposed to be there, but my boss called me and canceled my night at work, so I was freed up to go to rehearsal.

It was basically a muted affair, as final rehearsals sometimes are, even when they are not in people's homes. I do not mean to imply that nobody was working hard. I mean only to say that everyone seemed to be aware that the shows are exactly what they are going to be by now. (Not counting the X factor that an audience often brings.) So we basically all did our thing, and that was that. Not a whole lot of extra goings on.

Also possibly contributing to the low key rehearsal was the knowledge we will all be rehearsing again tomorrow morning, at the venue, before opening the show in the evening. This will be really only the second, (and final) chance I will have to rehearse in the venue, with all technical elements in place.

The first time I got to do so was last night, (Thursday.) And let me just say, in regards to last night, we totally nailed Philip Glass! The best we have ever done it, no doubt. And if the old superstition that a lesser final rehearsal means for a better opening night, we are in line to peak right as we open. Something that really is "all in the timing" as it were.

Due to the nature of this production, this will be the first time I have not really had a chance to run the show in full costume.Sort of. I had my base, all black outfit on last night, along with the sweater I will wear for my first show. For Philip Glass, I have chef's jacket to put on over top of said base outfit. (I play a baker in that one.) But I already know it fits, as I tested it last week. So I am not worried about that.

I am not really worried about anything. The show is going to be good, the director told us. Some lumps here and there, but that is to be expected. Given the schedules and other small obstacles we have all faced, I would say we are quite ready.

And more than that, it will be an inaugural affair; it's the first ever production of a new company. If nothing else, I get to take that into my career.

If I have the time, I will provide a brief update after the morning rehearsal...if there is anything particular worth reporting. Otherwise, I will probably just report on the actual opening, later in the evening.

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