Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Big Boy!

This is an off day, so I have to talk about something else. I figured I would ask about this commercial. Has anyone ever seen it? It is one of the better ones in the last two years. Better than anything during the Super Bowl, that's for sure.

I laugh every time I see this thing, even though it's old. This clown deserves some kind of acting award, and the commericial itself is just about the truest to life I have ever seen.

I also have to give a great amount of credit to the guy by the window at the end of the commercial. The one sitting to the left of the protagonist. The expression on that guy's face is outstanding.

Author's Note: Much to my chagrin, the link no longer featured the commerical I was referring to, though the page name was the same. Damn them!

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