Saturday, April 08, 2006

T.G.I.F? Kind of.

So our Friday night show went much better than Thursday night. It would almost have to. I spent more time isolated before the show tonight than I have been. I did this for personal reasons, but I think it may have given something extra to my peformance. Maybe I was a little more focused or something. It is hard to say.

Anyway, there were about 140 I would guess. Responsive, but not wild. Even the biggest laugh line in the show got less laughs than normal. It got plenty, but compared to the other nights, it was less uproarious.

There were a few odd mistakes here and there. A few lines skipped, or said out of sequence. And one example of a character referring to himself by the wrong name. Yet other than these things, a solid performance.

For whatever it may be worth to posterity, I got my hair near perfect last night. It is always acceptable, but it was almost exactly how I envision it in my mind last night. So kudos to myself and my hair.

Tonight is the last evening performance. A little bittersweet. Yet I am going to remember that no matter what happens, this is a Saturday night. By and large people are not supposed to be depressed on a Saturday night.

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