Saturday, April 01, 2006

Second Time Around

I got home late last night, so I am just now getting around to posting about how the show went.

I would give it, say, a 6.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. There were some long scene changes and a few other snafus here and there, but all and all not a bad performance.

The crowd was larger, about 150 people. At first they were not very responsive, but they picked up a bit as the show went on. One of my friends in the audience said that I got laughs a few times as the purser, and even stole a short scene I was in. To my dismay, they did not remember which exact scene it was, so I don't know what I did that was so enjoyable. I am glad that it was enjoyed, whatever it was.

I still feel like a hack during certain moments of certain dance numbers. (Because I miss the steps.) Overall though, most of the dancing for me is starting to feel good. I am much more comfortable with a few of the steps than I had been just a week ago. Our choreographer is pleased with our dancing thus far.

One moment of dancing that I was not pleased about, and indeed was somewhat scared about for a moment or two, was at the end of a number called "Let's Step Out". At that point I leap into the air, and land in this fancy-ass pose on the ground, big smile and everything. Only last night when I did it, just before the applause broke out, there was this distinct clinking noise. I realized right away that my special penny that I carry with me for all performances had flown out of my pocket. I thought for a moment it might have rolled into oblivion never to bee seen again, as I was near the orchestra pit. Disaster!

Yet, it just sort of spun, and landed right in front of me. Staying in character as much as I could, a leaned over and swiped it before exiting. That was a close one though. That penny is important. When I have more time, I will blog about it. Suffice to say that tonight, I am taping that sucker to the top of my foot.

Went out for some food and drink after the show. About 15 of us. It was fun, though the service, as usual for that particular establishment, left much to be desired. Yet it was two for one beer night, so it was almost worth it.

Talk of another gathering for drinks and karaoke has been whispered about. As I am a fan, (and not to mention, master) of karaoke, I am game for that. It's the perfect way for theatre flunkies to act like the hams that at heart all of us are. Plus it is quite a bonding experience. It's been so long since I have done so, I'd be willing to go even if only one or two people agree to go.

Looking forward to tonight's show. 80% of the time, the best night in a run is the first Saturday. I am ready to step out.


Playmaker said...

Congrats on your opening, and I can't wait to hear more about your lucky penny. I love hearing about actors' talismans. If I find one backstage during tech, I will carry a bent nail in my costume. I like having something that reminds me of the work all the behind-the-scenes folks have done to take onstage with me.

Stacey 4:20 said...