Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mike Check?

I do not have a lot of time before I have to head on over to the matinee. (Lucky me.) But as a blogger, it is my duty to keep reader's updated on what is going on, and so here I am.

Last night's show was, as I predicted it may have been, our best performance so far. An audience of over 200 that was quite responsive most of the time. I'd give it an 8 or so. It was going smoother, faster, (though not too fast) and the music/dance numbers were much crisper than Friday night. I felt high energy during the dance numbers. For brief moments, I felt like I might be considered a dancer myself =)

Actually one of my colleagues in the audience approached me after the show. She told me I looked good when dancing, particularly the look on my face. More than one person has told me I have a glowing dance face. So in the very least that is something I can say for myself in the world of dance. I look happy.

One person that was not happy last night for a few moments, was one of our performers who has to wear a body mike for the show. The person shall not be named. But the story, as I informed them, must be told on this blog.

To pass the time, I brought a Pac-Man mini game to the theatre last night. This is always very popular with my cast mates. The performer in question was observing the Pac-Man fun between scenes and, as I am told, was making Pac-Man vocalizations as Pac-Man ate up the little pellets. Something along the lines of "boop-boop-boop". Or something.

If you remember the title of this entry you have probably guessed the punchline by now; indeed the body mike of said person was still on. Though I was not there to hear it, my understanding is that for a brief moment or two, "boop-boop-boop" was heard through the sound system out on stage.

An instant classic indeed.

Another instant classic is that it was April Fool's Day last night, and the one and only joke I pulled was on our director. I told him a bird had gotten into the house, and was fluttering around freaking people out. He came down from his office and just as he was getting to the door of the house, I reminded him that it was April 1st, and walked off. I would have loved to see the look on his face, but walking away at that moment was the best way to deliver the pay off. So, apologies to him, but it worked.

And now, loyal blog readers, I am off to perform for what thus far promises to be our biggest crowd. Sadly it's a matinee. But who knows? It might surprise us all.

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