Sunday, April 02, 2006


Four down and four to go. For a matinee, it was a large and receptive audience. Our largest, but not our most responsive, That would be last night. I would say, a 7.5.

Aside from that though, there seemed to be various weird things that went on tonight, in rather quick succession. Allow me to describe.

Anyone who has been in live theatre knows that it is close quarters backstage for a show of this size. To the uninitiated, watch a submarine movie sometime. Any submarine movie will do. Watch the scene (and there WILL be one) where someone has to pass someone else in a corridor on the sub. Note how sailors press their backs up against the wall as tightly as possible to let the other person go by. That analogy fits the back stage with a large cast to a tee.

During one of these crosses as I passed one of the Angels, her dress strap somehow got caught in my Naval Rank insignia. I didn't know it until I felt the tug as I was side stepping away from her position. Neither did she. Luck was on our side, as it was easy to undo the mess, and no one missed an entrance or anything.

A more difficult misstep to ignore was a few scenes later. I did not know the entire story, as events unfolded, and I am still not clear on everything. I do know our director was up in the pin rail working flies. I learned later that somehow he was left in pitch-blackness. Seems he fumbled around to find the right rope to lower the fly that serves as the wall of Moonie's room. It was about 2 minutes of blackness when I realized something was up. When something finally came down, it was not the wall, but a white scrim that is not even used in this show.

The scrim looked ok, by and large. It served as a makeshift wall just fine. Had it not been for the delay, one might not have realized it was an error. Not a huge deal, but it added to the weirdness.

Said weirdness continued 2 or so scenes later. For the opening of the number called "Heaven Hop", one of our sailors is supposed to deliver a line to the lead singer of the song. That is her cue to begin the piece. When we got to that part today, unbeknownst to her, said sailor was not on stage. After a brief glance over her shoulder she realized this, at about the same time I realized it. It was then I delivered the sailors line myself, and the song proceeded without further incident.

I am not a huge fan of delivering someone else's line for them, but under the circumstances, I did not see any other choice. The actor was not there at the moment. Turns out this was because his props and chair had been misplaced at last minute, so I would not say it was his fault.

To the best of my knowledge, that was all the weirdness that took place. There may have been other things that happened. I will have to ask my cast mates next time we talk, which will be during a dance pick-up rehearsal on Wednesday evening.

It will be a weird two nights, not having to go into the theatre. But I will get used to it I am sure.
Also, some cool pictures of me were taken. Maybe I will see about getting copies, and posting them on here. If I can figure out how.


Anonymous said...

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Not an advertizement, I just use it myself. :)

Ty Unglebower said...

I will check it out...if the pictures end up being worth posting. =)