Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dispensed With

The pick-up rehearsal for dancing and singing was cancelled. I admit, I would have liked to have had it tonight. I was just getting certain parts of the dances correct. Yet, the choreographer conferred with the director, and neither seemed to think we needed it. So there you have it. Three nights off.

Another reason I would have liked to have it, aside from brushing up the dance steps, is the informality of it. At this theatre, pick-up rehearsals between weekends are rare. This is too bad, because I think they provide more than just the chance to refresh lines, blocking and dancing, etc. It gives the cast a chance to ease into the second weekend with a little cushion of relaxation. To do the first Sunday show, and then not meet until everyone is once more caught up in the frenzy of preparation denies us the chance to just sort of get reacquainted with doing the show after a few days off. Maybe have some much needed release of tension amongst the cast mates that is not possible on a performance night.

It was not meant to be for this show, however. So we will all meet for the second weekend opener. Those of you in the cast, see you in about 24 hours.

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