Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Belated Entry

Sorry, loyal blog readers. I never got around to posting about last night's rehearsal. Various things got in the way, and I was quite tired. So allow me to do so now.

As I have stated previously, last night was the deadline for all actors to be off book for act one. We were still allowed to call for lines, and this did happen on a handful of occasions. Overall, however, everyone seemed to have act one down rather solid. (Myself included.)

We also had some set pieces in place, as well as some set painting done. Not a completed effect by a long shot, but it is coming along. Coupled with my choice to wear one of my costume pieces, and everyone being mostly off book, it had the beginnings of feeling like a show, as opposed to a rehearsal for a show. The director seemed pleased. Now hopefully all will go just as well tonight, when we are due to be off book for act 2. I would say that for the most part I am. There may be one tiny place where I am a little shaky. I have several hours though, to work on it, and may have it all ironed out by tonight.

That being said, I wanted to take a moment to talk about my accent in the show.

From the beginning the director mentioned that he would rather have no accents, than to have some people doing it correctly, and others not doing well at all. I agreed with that then, and I still do. I myself have used an accent, but mainly because everyone else had been doing so. I have, however, been trying to keep to a minimalist approach. Not everyone in the cast has elected to do so, and that is their choice. I play only one character and am not in a good position to assess how the various accents are blending together, but I think it might be a fair question to ask the director at this stage. Not because what everyone else is doing is my exact business, but rather I feel that as a part of this show, questions concerning the quality of the entire production are well within my right to ask. Not that I feel there is a quality issue at this point. But I wanted to bring it up. Perhaps tonight.

As for me, I myself am fully aware that the accent I am delivering is only generic southern. In all likelihood it bears no great resemblance to how Texans in that particular part of the state sound. I confess I have been slightly wary of using an accent just for the sake of using one in the first place. I imagine people from the south do not like being lumped together anymore than blacks, or Asians, or any other type of culture. So perhaps my question to the director will be more along the lines of that.

More later tonight, on how tonight's rehearsal went.

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