Saturday, March 03, 2007

A First Look at the Last Scene

That, and two other scenes, were what we blocked today. This officially brings to a close the blocking portion of rehearsing the show. At least the rough blocking. I am sure there will be changes made various times. But the initial blocking for every scene is now under our belts.

Unfortunately, one of these scenes we did today is the one scene I am not even close to being off book for. I have time, and I will make it, but its just so damn annoying to have to hold the book.

Plus the scene is semi-delicate anyway, because I must be romantic, and express being in love. I have done that before, but it is always one of the situations that requires the most in depth concentration and work from me ahead of time. Plus, I get kissed by an actress in this scene. Again, I have been through that before, and when the time comes to rehearse it I will be fine, so long as she is. But it is always something that requires a bit of preparation for when you have never worked with the person you are being kissed by. We did not work the kiss tonight anyway, so it is hardly rel event at the moment, is it?

Overall, I do like where it is going, for the most part. A few things will improve with time. A few other things are just personal preferences. But on the whole, I think we all work well together.

Our next rehearsal is Sunday afternoon, when we do all of act 2. I will see what I can do about being off book by then.

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Susan Abraham said...

Hi Ty,
Sent you a comment just now but it disappeared so I'm writing was just to say that everything sounded good and that I hoped you would enjoy yourself with the acting and the kiss... :-)