Friday, March 16, 2007

Some Improvement

Last night, (I was too tired to post about it then) marked some improvement over the previous rehearsal. If you read my previous entry on said rehearsal, you would conclude that perhaps it would have to have been better.

Things were not perfect, however.

Our stage manager and half of our tech crew will not be with us for a few days. So we had to go without them. This means that no one was available to be on book, and hence calling for lines was not possible. This however doesn't bother one should have to be calling for lines very much at this point anyway.

That being said, it is hard to tell how much was skipped or forgotten, since there were no stoppages for line callings. However, based on what I heard some of my cast mates said, there seems to have been several places where lines were skipped, or parts of conversations performed out of order.

But in the end, we need that sort of thing, if you ask me. By weening everyone off of calling for lines, it forces everyone that needs it to really hone in and get the script down pat. In fact, the director mentioned this at the end of the evening...he officially instructed the cast to no longer call for lines for the remainder of rehearsals.

As for the rehearsal itself, as I said, better than the last time. It was ok in it's own right, I suppose.

The local paper was there taking pictures, so we were all in costume. (Including a brand new custom made name tag for my character.) I was glad to be in costume again. Though we are not required to be, I may just put my costume on for the remainder of the rehearsals. Itgets me into character. It also helps me feel that the play is really getting underway, despite the seemingly endless cancelled rehearsals we have been enduring lately. (I will have to miss yet another rehearsal tonight, because of ice on the roads.)

More on that note, we have only had two nights of rehearsal in the last week or so. While a few of my cast mates are celebrating this fact, I myself am confused as to what there is to be happy about in regards to that. I volunteered for this project of my own free will. No one forced me into it. It has my name attached to it, so I desire to do a good job. The more I, and everyone else gets a chance to rehearse, the better everything will be. I must confess, therefore, I am confused by the notion of squealing with delight over having a night off this late in the game, (whether planned or unplanned.)

In short, I wish we had had more rehearsals in the last 7 days.

I will not call myself worried. But I think that we will have extra work to do heading into tech week next week, given how much rehearsal time we missed this last week. Lines, of course, but also getting used to lights, sounds, costumes, and picking up our energy. We seemed a tad flat last night, in my view.

One week form this day we will open. Whatever the week brings, let's hope it does not bring any more days off.

It will be a semi-wild week at the theatre. I sense it.

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Susan Abraham said...

It will all turn out ok, Ty! :-)