Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Rock of Ages

First rehearsal with all technical elements AND all personel. (Though a few tech people were late in showing up.)

I now know the entire tune to the old Gospel song "Rock of Ages". The reason being, it is part of the sound plot for thisshow, and was running on a loop for about 15 minutes after I arrived at the theatre. Something was being tested, I suppose. End result...a whole lot of "Rock of Ages".

As for the rehearsal, it continues to go well. The honing in on nuance continues for me. Each night I seem to have a new idea to add to my performance. Most of them involve facial expression when I am not speaking. Some of my favorite type of nuance work takes place when I am in the background of something. Many times in this blog I have spoken to the importance of that. This show requires ample time for me to put that sort of skill to use.

Some of the nuance is with my line delivery though. Not as much there, but as the show's energy picksup, I find that certain lines have to be delivered myme in certain ways in order to keep up. This is a good thing, however. It means, at least for the scenes I am in, a bit of electricity is starting to form.

Wealso worked on the curtain call last night.

I think timing on various fronts also improved last night for the cast. I cannot vouvh for every single moment, as I of course do not see every moment. But I sneak a peek from backstage, or the house sometimes. What I do see is improving.

Speaking of improving, I am hoping to be at the theatre a few monutes earlier tonight, traffic willing. One of my castmates has asked the we go over a scene that we share. He seems tot hink he is not gettingsomething right. I asked him if he was sure it wasn't me screwing up, and he continued to profess it was mostly him. (Though I myself have not noticed anything.) So today we will run that a few times.

Everyone in full constumes tonight. That should give some of the final polish.


Susan Abraham said...

Oh...a wonderful read as always, Ty.
And you're in a merry mood. :)
Thanks for sharing. btw, I remember singing Rock of Ages in Sunday School.

Anonymous said...

Seems as all things are coming together, sounds great since this is opening night!!

Break A Leg and I'm sure it'll be just fine!!!

A lot of sickness going around exactly as you have described your no energy, including individuals in my household!!!

Break A Leg!!!