Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Click on the Horizon

It may be a tired cliche', but it is effective and many actors know what is meant by it. That first rehearsal, first scene, first moment when you feel things in a show just "click". It does not mean perfection, but it means that some dramatic form and consistency has, at that moment, emerged from the chaos of the rehearsal process. When things fall into place, and all the really remains is extra polishing, and some magic.

Sometimes the click doesn't happen by opening night. Sometimes it is not until the second night, or the second weekend. Sometimes, it never happens.

This show has not yet clicked, hence the title. Unlike some shows I have been in, however, I can sense, as the title suggests, that the moment of clicking is on the horizon. I feel confident that in this case, the click will happen before opening night.

First of all, I was able to perform totally off book for act 2 tonight, as required. I did not have to call for any lines. So, I have achieved lower earth orbit as it were, for this production. I have at least once successfully performed both acts of the show without needing to call for lines. I am offbook. It is just a matter of remembering that I am.

The same goes for the rest of the cast. Though there were some notable moments of total confusion for many of us, particularly near the end of the rehearsal, all and all very few mistakes were made. The full extent of how ready we are couldn't be known tonight because one of the leads was absent. Yet, you got the sense people were getting right where they needed to be.

Just as with last night, I enjoyed more freedom to explore the nuances of my character, now that the book is out of my hands permanently. There are still issues to work out, but all and all, from this moment on, it will be about the more fine tuning of the show, and my performance in particular. The meat and potatoes. When luck and magic as mentioned, begin to descend in greater qualities on a production. I look forward to ushering in this period of the rehearsal process.

In some ways I cannot at all believe we open in just two weeks. On the other side of that coin, it does not overtly worry me that we have only two weeks. We are going to be ready.

Also, the stage kiss went off for the first time tonight, with no major problems. I knew we were going to have it in the show, but confess to being a little surprised that it happened today. The actress simply did so before I even knew it was happening. I was not thrown off or anything. I just suddenly realized it was happening. It will now be happening from here on out, I imagine.

Tomorrow we will be having our costume parade. I have no major costume changes, so that should be easy. I need to wear a pair of shorts above my knee. So I will wear what shorts have been provided to see how much they need to be hemmed, if at all. I will have my full costume settled by mid next week, I am willing to say. It is not at all complicated. (A UPS uniform, with a choir robe added later.)

I have also, in the last few nights, been using a hand prop of my own idea. A small hand held Bible of the New Testament, (with Psalms and Proverbs.) It is a perfect size to use on stage, and to help get into/stay in character off stage. I have also developed some small hand gestures unique to the character for the same purpose. (A practice I often take part in.)

So, the click approaches. I await it eagerly.

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Susan Abraham said...

Sounds like a happy progress, Ty.
And soon too, from a lower earth orbit to a higher one.
Looking forward to the next read. :-)