Saturday, March 10, 2007

Choppy Waters

By no means was tonight's rehearsal of act 2 a disaster. Things are there and in place so that one day it will be just fine. However, I would also be dishonest if I were to say that tonight did not have some rough spots. Frankly, more rough spots than I think it needed to have.

This is not something that can be blamed on any one person. Sometimes, I suppose, an evening will consist of accumulating small factors that degrade the overall smoothness of the rehearsal. Such was the case this evening...due to both unforeseen factors as well as, I am sad to say, choices and situations that could have been avoided.

But the evening is over now, and no permanent damage was done to the show.

One positive thing was the presence of more props, and such. I myself do not really make use of many, but the set is always enriched by the addition of the incidentals.

No costumes tonight though. No big deal, for as I mentioned last night, I have no real costume changes to practice. Not sure about the others, actually. I know of only two people for certain that have the change costumes, but there are probably more than that.

Tomorrow night, (I should actually say tonight, since it is so late), is a small cast gathering at the home of one of the cast members. I will probably go, though I do confess that for my last few plays, I have been increasingly disinclined to participate in alot of extras like that. This is not a reflection on people involved. It is simply something I have found myself less excited about doing in my recent theatre history. Whether this is a positive, negative, or neutral development I cannot yet determine. I cannot deny that it has happened.

That being said, I feel I can consider my presence "probable" for the get together, at this moment.

We have no rehearsal until Tuesday. While we are in fact doing good, I think we are still rusty enough to have not quite deserved that many days off this late in the proceedings. It could not helped, from what I understand. Several people are out of town. Still, I think based on tonight, three evenings without running things give my cause for some very minor concern.

I will make sure to keep running my lines in my head, (and the tape in the tape player on which I recorded my lines) all throughout the weekend, to make sure I am still off book come Tuesday.

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Susan Abraham said...

Do tell us if you went on to the gathering, Ty. :)