Sunday, December 11, 2005

Final Evening Show

I would say last night's show (Saturday) was not quite as good, audience wise, as Friday, but was better than Thursday. It was a very large and decently receptive crowd. Some of my friends were in it, so that makes it particularly special for me either way.

It did have that ominous feel of the show coming to an end, even though there is one more performance today. I suppose the very last night performance for a show can have that effect, since matinees tend to feel a little askew anyway. Do not get me wrong, I have every intention of turning in a great final performance this afternoon, as I am sure everyone else does. Yet to me there is always something about matinees. (Tune in tomorrow when I plan to post a little article I wrote about my general feelings on matinees.)

Interesting thing I learned last night. Though this is in fact impossible given that the stage will be being used by a special group next week, there was talk that the show has done well enough for the theatre to otherwise have warranted a third weekend being added on to the run. Now, due to various other reasons it would not be practical to do this even if the stage were free next weekend, so it was only a pipe dream anyway. However I would be willing to do it. I would also be willing to come in and perform a day show for school audiences, as the theatre was apparently asked to do last week. (Again for practical purposes this cannot be done.) If however something like that could be done, I would be all about it. To be in a show that needed to add days by popular demand. It happens alot in the professional world, but as an amateur I have not yet experienced that. Perhaps one day.

Honestly, I always felt that three weekends, at any community theatre, would be ideal. The first weekend is the first weekend. The second is often somewhat better. Yet often times just when the show is starting to get air under it's wings it is time to close. I do not mean to say there are never any good performances second weekends. I just mean an occasional three-weekend show would, in my view, be an excellent experience for all involved. (Though I realize that is a large time commitment for many community players.)

I should also mention that last night before the show, one of my cast mates and a crewmember got together and bought me what turns out to be my very first Christmas gift this season. A toy ray-gun, in case I had any frustrations I needed to take out on things. I love it. It lights up and everything. Sadly it makes noise, and cannot be silenced. Firing it backstage during the show is therefore impossible. I imagine, however, that the cast party tonight should be interesting.

And so, one more show. I wonder what miracles remain for the last day...

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