Sunday, December 04, 2005

Saturday Night Fever

I know I did not post last night. For those throngs of readers who awaited anxiously for a report last night that never came, my apologies. But I was quite tired.

The report on last night's performance is this; it was quite a tough crowd.

Much like the previous night, the audience had it's moments expressing their enjoyment. Yet such moments were fewer and further between than Friday night. Their ovation for us in the end was encouraging, but there were times during the show where it felt like I was performing for a panel of judges as opposed to an audience. Despite my good friend being in the crowd, it had a cold feeling to it. I actually felt veryt good about my performance. In some places I think I did my best w0rk on the character yet. Just not sure it broke through to the audience.

This happens, of course. As many of my cast mates said after the show last night, it is important to remember the large ovation we received at the end of the show, when thinking of the final impact we had on the people.

True. Yet I cannot deny I love that warmth you can just feel from some audiences. Some think we will feel that again today. It is a matinee, but a sold out matinee. Like I said previously, size does not always relate to attitude. Yet this is the holidays and most people who come today should be well rested. Perhaps that will be the magic combination.

Just as a side note, after the show last night me and some of the folks from the show went out to eat. I ordered mild chicken tenders, but I feel fairly certain they gave me the hot version. I did not finish them, and I did not send them back, because it had already taken an hour to get our food anyway. Had I sent them back, (along with the sauce that must have been squeezed from rocks found in hell, it was so hot), I would have never gotten home.)

Strictly speaking, the chicken tenders thing is not theatre related, and probably does not belong in a blog. Yet I had to share my disillusionment with someone. Besides, I was eating with theatre people. That was close enough.

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