Monday, December 12, 2005

Into the Sunset

It's a wrap, as they say in film. The Old Opera House production of "Miracle on 34th Street" is closed. Despite the final performance being a decent one, the expected sadness has sunk in a bit by now. (The morning after, as I was once again too tired to update last night. My apologies.)

The show has already received, via the office, many positive compliments from audiences. Some had never been to the Old Opera House before, and were surprised by the professional nature of the production. I could not agree more. With only one real exception, every single person in this cast was the type of person that believed totally in what was being done, enjoyed being there, and wanted nothing but success for the show, and for their fellow actors. It is not often you get a cast that large (43 people) consist of that many people who are truly that dedicated. 42 people out of 43 ain't bad.

Not to mention the Christmas aspect of it all. I got to take part in delivering an age old Christmas message. Indeed a message that goes beyond even Christmas. That message is simply, "Believe." The play itself is just one production. The message, however, is universal. I think that is why it did so well. Most people who came to see it wanted to believe.

On a personal level, I got to know some new people during this show, and got to know some more familiar people even better than I used to. I will not take up the pages of this blog with totally personal messages to such folks. However, I want it forever published into cyberspace that with the exception noted above, the cast and crew of this show, at this time, in this theatre was in just about everyway, exemplary. I would be most delighted to work with any and all of them again in future productions.

As an amateur actor, I have no idea how it feels to end a show when you are a professional. Yet I hope that the sense of joy mixed with sadness at the end of a run is still there. Though I would rather not be sad of course, that fact that I am at the end of a show indicates that a show worked; I was part of it truly, and it affected me. Whether I stay an amateur or by some twist of fate end up a professional, may most of my casts be as magical as this one was. Furthermore, may I usually feel the sadness when a good show comes to an end, as I did last night and tonight.

They say auditions for the February show are this coming weekend, and more than one person has asked me if...

But that is another entry entirely.


Kendra said...

Hey Ty!
Thanks for your comment on my blog...I guess you're does mean that it was a good experience; I'm just going to miss you, and the rest of my castmates so MUCH!!! (or most of them)
I know it's a bit early, and sorry if I'm being irksome, but are you going to try out for 'Anything Goes'? I hope so! Ttyl!

Julie Forsythe said...

I have only one thing to say....."I'll have a BLUE Christmas without you...." I can't believe you did it again!!!
Thanks for making us all laugh!!

Oh, did I say only one - well I mean two. I love the "believe" sentiment - it's truly awesome. My belief has a direction though. Don't just believe indiscriminately - hang that hope onto something real!

God bless you Ty! Thanks for letting me vent!