Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas, and other holidays still in progress. Mine went quite well.

In a few weeks, the Apollo Civic Theatre, (where I saw Two from Galilee) will be holding auditions. Not for one of its plays, but for a community talent show. I have for the last week or so been pondering the notion of trying out for it. Not that I am worried about winning prizes and such. I just like performing for an audience.

The show is open to just about any kind of act, so long as it is family friendly. This includes singing acts wherein those singing have pre-recorded background music. It would be in this fashion that I would try out for a spot in the show. (I do not have a real band at my disposal.)

Though I could potentially create some kind of acting performance for this show, I do not think it would suit the format very well. I therefore determined that singing would be the best route for me. It is not acting in the strictest sense, but it would be performing. I have a decent singing voice, and have been in several musicals already.

Not to mention it would give me a chance to perform at the Apollo. I think it is good to spread one's influence to more than just one community theatre in any given area. Being in this show would give me a chance to sort of ease into performing at another theater, and getting a feel for its venue before being in an actual play over there.

So I am giving it some thought, though I cannot quite decide yet. It takes about an hour to get to the Apollo from here. I also have to keep the "family friendly" standard in mind. Not that I usually sing or listen to vulgar music. Yet if the family label is strict enough, a lot of the classic songs I would want to sing may be too colorful. (Mack the Knife, for example.) I will have a better feel once I talk specifically to those in charge about how strict the standards are.

It also all depends on what kind of songs I can find the background music for on a CD.

So that is one of the ideas I am currently kicking about in my mind. Naturally when I reach a decision, I'll publish it here.


Kendra said...

Oh, that sounds cool...I bet you'll do great...that sounds like something I might even like to do...Would you consider emailing me the details?
Thanks, Ty...

Anonymous said...

You should, you really really should.