Monday, December 05, 2005

Night and Day...

For a matinee, I cannot really complain about today. Well, I suppose I could, and in fact I will for a brief moment. I do think the audience was a bit cold. However, the caveat is this; they were better than last night's crowd in regards to responsiveness. At least in my opinion. Plus it was a huge crowd. Almost a full house. That is always nice, either way. (Unless they are throwing tomatoes and such.)

Now the by days. There will be no pick up rehearsal, so I will not be headed into the theatre for three days. This is always such a strange time for me during the run of a show that I am enjoying. On the one hand, it's nice to have a break. On the other hand, I sometimes feel I am just getting into the groove of showing up every night and doing the show, when we have to take a break and not do it.

I think second weekends are often better than first weekends though. There is this sad feeling that it is all coming to an end, as you pass the half way mark of the run. Yet if you can put that out of your mind for the first few nights and just enjoy the show, the break during the week can provide for a fresh take on many things. Hence, excellent performances. Hopefully that will be the case with this show.

I always wondered if three weekends would be better. Most community theatres do not do them. However if I were in a good show, I would gladly do it a third weekend. That would kind of be wild.

Yet it is not to be for this show. We are exactly half way through the run. Good news is, there are just as many performances left as there are those that are over.
Fellow cast mates reading this, get your rest, and go over your scripts, as I plan to. Come Thursday at 7:30...let's bring it.

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