Saturday, December 10, 2005

Saturday Morning, Coming Down

No, I did not do drugs or get wasted or anything. I was just out quite late last night and therefore did not update when I got home. I just went to bed.

The short of it is, the show was excellent last night! (Friday) The audience (about 290 people) was very warm and receptive. They laughed in several places that no one else had laughed at since opening night. Maybe even one or two places where no one else had ever laughed. They clearly enjoyed the show. We clearly enjoyed the audience.

All of the little hitches I mentioned yesterday were gone tonight. At least for me, I cannot speak for anyone else. Judging by the pleasant audience reaction, I would say nothing happened that ruined a scene.

However, an audience member nearly ruined a pivotal scene, it seems. I was not out there, but as I am told, just about the time our two leads are moving in to kiss, some kid starts going "ewwww" for like 30 seconds. The audience laughed at this more than they paid attention to the scene. The two performers said they almost laughed themselves. I guess the kid was not a fan of kissing. Not to worry though, as all still went very well.

Things went well afterwards too, as me and a couple of cast mates gathered for a little food and drink in the rec-room of the theatre. It's the first time any of us really got to just kick back together outside of the show, and it was fun. (Not counting one dinner out in public last week, where you have to pretend you are civilized, when clearly none of us are.) That is one of the things that I love about theatre, when it works well. The camaraderie you develop with a good cast and crew is like hitting a bull's-eye. Cheers to my friends.

I look forward to tonight, our final night performance. Two more shows remaining. Plenty of time to kick a little more ass and have a lot more fun.

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