Friday, December 02, 2005


"Boo-yah" (or however that is spelled) was heard being bellowed by one of the lead actors in the show after the close of tonight's performance. Though I have never used the expression myself before, I think there are fewer ways that would better describe our opening night. It was quite wonderful.

The energy, the creativity, the fun were at an all time high tonight for nearly everyone. It even started to lightly snow outside as we were getting ready to start. (I kid you not.) We all did very well.

I added some new ideas to my portrayal of Mara tonight. At one point I was so pleased with the energy in the scene that I wanted to laugh. I could have stifled it, but I asked myself, "why not use it?" So I did. Even Mara, in the end, is a believer, and the laughter (which I had experimented with earlier in the scene, but never at the very end of it) clinches the deal. It felt really nice out there this evening.

I added a thing last minute where Mara bumped into a table that I thought would add to his "what is going on" nature. Audience seemed to like it. I think I will keep it, if the director does not tell me otherwise.

Also, my walk on in act one went good. One foot in front of the other, from stage right to stage left. Quite a good feeling about my 8 seconds of stage time in the first half of the show. But then again, I feel good about just about everything involved in the show.

Indeed, I have not felt that good about an opening night in a while. I have been in some good shows over the years, but that opening night "eureka" moment is not present for every show. Sometimes it take one or two shows, (if it happens at all.) It was present for this one, however right from the start.

My last play lacked some of the joy I associate with being on stage, simply because it was at times a heavy piece, although billed as a comedy. "Miracle" is a holiday classic and you could feel the Christmas spirit from the audience. (Some of whom talked to the action as we were performing.) It was a crowd of 165, out of a 230 or so capacity house. So for a weekday opening of a non-musical, that is quite impressive for the Old Opera House.

The whole cast has much to be proud of. I am proud of myself and the production.

Just 7 more performances. As any actor will tell you, at this point the adventure is just beginning.

I very much look forward to a Friday night crowd.

Well done, cast mates, if any of you are reading this.


Playmaker said...

Congratulations, and enjoy the run!

Into the mouth of the wolf, as they say...

Anonymous said...

I am VERY glad that the show went so beautifully for you all. (The whole snowing thing was a perfect touch-huh?) I cannot wait to see it. :-)

Ty Unglebower said...

Thank you both for your kind comments. I will certainly try to enjoy the run, Playmaker. Anonymous, (whoever you may be), I hope you enjoy the show whenever you come.