Thursday, December 08, 2005

Welcome Back, Kringle

So after three days of rest, (which honestly felt like more to me), the cast of "Miracle" returned tonight to opened the second weekend. I was not privy to every single moment, but overall it seemed to be a good show, despite some problems.

By problems I do not mean disasters. "Hitches" is a better word for it. A few awkward crossings, some very minor line miscues, and some techie stuff. I myself was not immune to it. I did not forget any of my line, but twice I physically did not deliver them with the ease I prefer. Got a little tongue-tied. I have no idea if these things are because we were off for three days, or it was just coincidence. Either way I have been in shows that did far worse after a three or four day break. The cast should be proud as usual.

I cannot deny that tonight's audience was better than last Saturday's. More responsive and warm. Still nothing like opening night, but a nice audience courtship with the cast nonetheless.

All and all, as usual, I was excited to get back into the swing of things for the second weekend. Plus with this show we get one more day than we usually do for a non-musical. This makes me happy as well.

Something else I need to mention, simply because I threatened to do so, and I always make good on my word. There is a cast mate of mine, let's call her B.E. In addition to her regular duties portraying several characters, B.E. has taken on the added responsibility of tormenting yours truly. I have no idea if she is like that with her other cast mates, but when I call her out on it, she laughs heartily. She has called me a child, and has written, "Mara Sucks" on a piece of paper she uses as a prop. (In her defense she later wrote "not really" on the same paper.)

For those keeping track, this is the same individual who cheated on the Skittles bet with me, as mentioned in this entry. Incidentally, when I pointed out to her that I have always treated her quite well, she heartily agreed and laughed some more.

I warned her it was unwise to take such joy in giving a blogger a hard time, as such antics are likely to get posted about. Her reply to this was, "at least I will get posted about".

I had absolutely no counter-argument. (Quite rare for me.)

I hope she is satisfied.

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