Friday, March 31, 2006

Bon Voyage...

So we opened! Good job cast, for those of you reading this.

With everything going on, I did not remember to do an audio post after the show ended. Perhaps later in the run I will do something like that.

I would say it was a good opening. A smaller crowd, which is to be expected for a Thursday night opening. Several people I know were in attendance, though. They, along with the rest of the crowd, seemed to enjoy themselves for the most part.

It's sure to be a show that responds better to larger crowds. I expect we will have quite a larger crowd tomorrow night. (And a near full house already set for the Sunday matinee.)

As for me, I am satisfied with how well I did. I threw in a few extra things tonight. Did not change any lines or anything like that. Just that once a crowd is there, you can sort of sense where the vacuums of activity are during a scene. I did my best to fill a few of those with some business.

I didn't have much time to get focused and settled in. I was late because of horrendous, unspeakable traffic on the highway which made me 25 minutes late or so. I did not miss opening or anything, but it did not leave much time for my pre-show rituals.

Afterwards, the bank across the street from the theatre threw a reception for the cast and audience members. A simple affair, but very generous of the bank to host. It seems they plan to do this for future opening nights at the Old Opera House. That will be a nice little soiree to have for each show.

I am very much looking forward to tomorrow (Friday) night's performance. Not just because there is talk of getting drinks afterwards. It is because, like I said in my last entry, there tends to be a bit more hectic yet fun energy on a Friday night. So that is something to await with eager anticipation.

Traffic is not something to look forward to. I think I would rather spend the extra time over at the theatre in a relaxed state of preparation, than spend the extra half an hour on the highway in stressful traffic. I think I will arrive an hour or so early tomorrow and just chill out, waiting for the rest of the cast to show up. Maybe kick back and listen to my Monster Ballads CD's.

Yeah. Sounds good.

One more random thought I had tonight during the show that I wanted to mention here. It is not the first time I have noticed this phenomena. Just for some reason it stuck in my mind enough tonight to blog about. Only a hopeless theatre geek such as myself would ever think this or understand it, and not even all theatre geeks would. But this theatre geek runs this blog, so here goes.

I have decided that women tend to look quite beautiful under blue backstage work lights. And before any sickos twist this into some sort of sexual thing, it isn't that at all. Just that, for me, there is an almost dream like aura to a still face when hit by that gentle but effective blueness. Of course I have always loved the effects of all kinds of light, and maybe that is part of it. I also do not mean to imply that the women in the show are not pretty in normal light. There is just something sublime in the combination of the dark quiet of the backstage, the potential magic mixed with nerves in the air during a live performance, and the serenity of a woman's face as she stands perfectly still, waiting for her next cue.

Hey, if you don't like it, start your own blog.

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