Thursday, March 30, 2006

All Aboard

Other than the fact that tonight was our final rehearsal, it was pretty much as nondescript as the night before. (Which is why there is no post for that night.)

I will say one that last ditch effort was made with one of the hats. Failed. My one cast mate keeps saying because I have a freakishly large head. I say it is because the Opera House has freakishly misshapen hats.

Mainly I wanted to talk about the "night before opening" mindset I am in. I know I will be up half the night. (Of course I usually am.) But it will be different this time. Not because I will be nervous. Just because I have always had a sort of a watered down Christmas Eve sort of magic feeling before an opening night. That night before the big day. The show of course is not in the morning, but I never claimed the metaphor was perfect.

I go over the show in my head. I think about all the rehearsals the previous week, or the previous month. I think about the day I auditioned, and the first read through. All that stuff.

There is also that wonderment of potential. I find myself in the deepest contemplation about certain things. What sort of adventure is in store for the cast, and the production as a whole? What surprises will there be? Who will love/hate each other by the end of the weekend? Who will shine, and who will be lack luster? How much fun will this group of people be in the hour or so before the curtain? What will the audience think of me, if anything?

And more.

Thursday openings are a little less exotic and adventurous for me. I guess because it is a work/school night for most. Not that you cannot have a good show. One of the best openings for a show I ever had was on a Thursday. There just seems to be an overall greater feeling of abandon and energy on a Friday night opening. But that could be just me.

Thursday or not, there is still something about an opening night. And here I am again, on the eve of one. With many things to think about, and many things to do in order to prepare.

I get the feeling that an audience will start adding some spice where there has not been much.

I may do an audio post right after the show ends...what with all of the noise and crap. Maybe just to bug my cast mates. We will see. Stay tuned.

Those in the cast that may be reading this, good luck, and I will see you at call.

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