Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Costumes and Cookies

I suppose even as an actor I must concede that on rare occasions certain things might supercede the theatre, the crowds, the applause, and the glory. One such example could very well be cookies. At least good ones.

One of the cast members brought her homemade chocolate chip cookies for everyone to enjoy tonight. She said they were famous for their tastiness.

After rehearsal when I changed my clothes I tried one.

Good night, King Richard.

She was not lying about how good they were. The only thing I could imagine being better would be the raw dough of those cookies before they were baked. Heaven help us. If she is reading this, I hope she notes how happy I was with her baked goods. (I mean that literally.)

I suppose the second most important thing to happen tonight aside behind the cookies was the first dress rehearsal for act 2.

It was a decent rehearsal. I think we had only one person missing tonight. So that was rather sweet. Everyone looked pretty good in their outfits. (The Angels in particular.) As for me, I am in all white, with black shoes. I tried on yet another hat today, but alas, my large head once again would not fit. Even with many last minute adjustments (to the hat, not my head) it still did not fit. The search continues.

As I predicted, it was nice to have a costume one, albeit it a simple one. The costume and my "1930's playboy" hairstyle conspired with a cigarette in my mouth when backstage to give the purser even more life.

More than one of the actresses in the show told "the purser" that they would "like a piece of that". Sometimes it's good to be in the chorus.

A local paper will be there tomorrow to take pictures. I am not likely to be in any of them, since the last time I was a lead in a show the reporter told me that she was "getting sick of seeing" me in shows, and did not interview me, or allow my picture to be taken for the write up. I will fare far worse as a chorus member. But that is all right. Few people will look as good as I do in a uniform anyway. (Laughter goes here.)

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