Sunday, March 19, 2006

Full Run Through

I got to rehearsal a bit earlier today than normal. I was about a half ad hour early. I thought there would be more traffic on that awful 340 than there was.

No matter, as it gave me the chance to try on some costume stuff. A pair of white pants I tried on was almost a perfect fit. With a belt, (which the uniform would need anyway) they will be great.

I also tried on hats. Many hats. None were big enough for this voluminous gourd I call a head. I felt better though when the costume person told me that all the men's heads were turning out to be too big for the hats available. So it's not just me. The hat will come though. The hat will come.

Then I went to take a look at the newly painted set. It is looked good. There is more left to be painted, but the portholes, life preservers with "S.S. American" on them, and a cloudy blue-sky backdrop were all new today. The "sky" had an patch on it, which will have to be fixed. Otherwise it's an attractive set.

On that attractive set tonight, we ran the entire show for the first time. Not without stops, and not without bumps. The point is, however, that it was the very first time we ran the entire show in one night. Two leads were missing, but we managed, thanks to the multi faceted voice talents of our acting stage manager. Most people would have just read for the missing people. He used different voices for each missing person. Kudos to the man.

At the end of the night, when the director was giving notes, he mentioned how much he loved the naughtiness of the dancing that my partner and me display. I cannot see any of the other couples, but I guess they are somewhat more tame than my partner and I are. I am glad the director is pleased. The choreographer did say she wanted heavy flirting. That is what we gave her. It has paid off it would seem.

The director also mentioned that there was a lot of fumbling with lines, which I suppose there was. More than the last time we ran some of these scenes. I think it was just a bit of an off night all the way around. It will pick up. It did however make for a slow, dragging run through at times. Such is the life of theatre.

Tomorrow it is the last time we will have just a dance/music rehearsal. So I hope we make the most of it.

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