Thursday, March 23, 2006

One Week Remaining

That title is a misnomer. Tonight is already gone, and we do not have rehearsal again until Sunday. So while in a chronological sense the show is in one week, we have only four rehearsals left to get it right.


I have some sharp edges to round off in my performance in those four days. The production has some edges to round off as well.

But I think in both cases it will happen. We just really need to kick it into high gear.

Tonight we ran the whole show for only the second time. It had its moments. I look forward to the musical director returning, I can tell you that.

The sound guy was here for the first time tonight. But for this individual "sound guy" is putting it in a much weaker light than it should be. I have worked with this gentleman several times before, and he is in fact a sound master. A wizard if you will. He does all sorts of cool stuff with sound effects and mixing. He is in many ways, the man.

As for me, I tried to be the man tonight, by walking around with a cigarette in my mouth or hand. I do not smoke, so the whole concept is strange. Yet I am doing it backstage because I think it helps me maintain character. My version of the purser is quite the "rascal" as people might say back then. Drinks, smokes, and women, women, women. Not a bad guy mind you, just...liberal with doling out life's pleasures to himself when he can. The cigarette is never seen on stage, but having it on me between scenes gives me more of a feeling of being that guy.

So would a hat. Today, the skipper got a hat, and I am still without. Oh the anguish! Yet I tried one on again which did not fit. However, the Skipper's hat fit me like a glove. (Except it was a hat.) So I told the costume people that if they can just find one more hat of the same size, we will be in good shape.

And now, two days off for dry tech rehearsals. I know I should welcome the days off. To be honest though, I would not have cared had we went in those two days. When there is work that has to be done in a play, I find in general that I do not mind doing it. A long rehearsal, or a rehearsal on a weekend will not much bother me, so long as the time is being used in a productive manner. I love seeing things come together.

Yet the fact is we are off for two nights. I plan to spend some of that time ironing out some of the things I am still shaky on. For as I said, in just 7, and now 6 days...

Not surprisingly the Styx song, "Come Sail Away" has been on my mind the last few days. Maybe we can work it into the show somehow. I will ask our director about this.

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Anonymous said...

Is it only the second time the show has been run through? It seems to me as if it was the millionth. Due to a few things, (I am the only person who feels this, I am sure) it seems like we are beating a dead horse. Nothing can improve unless certain things start happening. And at the rate we are going it feels like it shall never happen, although I am sure they will.