Thursday, March 09, 2006

Three Weeks and Counting

That is right. Three weeks from this very moment, we will be on stage for opening night of Anything Goes.

Funny how subjective the idea of three weeks can be. As rehearsal was ending tonight, the choreographer expressed something along the lines of "We have three whole weeks left". The director replied by saying, "No, we only have three weeks left."

If, as you read this, you think I am going to announce which of those views I have adopted, you're nuts.

Suffice to say, however, that just about everyone on every level of the show admits there there is still much to do.

Some of the was done today, as we reviewed the blocking for Act 1. Most of it. We did not get to the final two scenes. I am starting to feel quite comfortable with act one, however. There are only two places where I need my script, and a few more where I like having it, but do not need it. I am off book totally for about half of the scenes I am in for act one. (Meaning spoken lines and blocking only. I cannot make that claim for all of my dance moves yet.)

Still, speaking for myself, I feel I am moving along rather well three weeks out.

In stark contrast to a mere 2 weeks ago, the theatre was nothing close to cold. Outside it was one of those wonderful early spring nights. About 55 or 60 degrees when I got there for rehearsal. It was not much cooler when I left the theatre. Early to mid spring always went well with theatre for me. I enjoy shows any time of the year, but there is something about rehearsing and opening one during the spring that often clicks with me. Like bread and butter. I think maybe it is the notion that as springs blooms, people's imaginations start to open up, and creativity enhances as the winter starts to thaw out.

I have two days off, before the big scary Sunday rehearsal, where we will be going over every single dance, I think, so we do not have another night like Tuesday. I am glad I have 48 hours or so to prepare for such a day.

On a side note, My friend Gaby, who I have mentioned before, came back from a week in Florida the other day. While there she got me something which she gave me tonight at rehearsal. It is a book filled with insults from the works of Shakespeare. I had already memorized a few of my favorites over the years, but this book has all of them. Classified by the play they appear in. Fun.

Also have started to develop some interesting back story for the Purser. More on that when I flesh it out.

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