Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Potentials of Navy Surplus and Sound Systems

Upon arriving at the theatre for Monday night's rehearsal, I was told to go see the costume lady upstairs.

I thought that perhaps my dream of getting my hat was being realized.

No, dear blog readers, not just yet.

However, I did try on a uniform jacket. Dark blue. Turns out it was too small. The costumstress (is that a word?) mentioned that she knew someone who worked at a Navy surplus store, or something of the kind. Actual Navy clothing by the truckload gets sent there. I imagine that this will provide for the possibility of kick ass costumes. (Hats included.)

When I went back downstairs, I was talking to the guy who plays the "Skipper" of the American. He had tried on a captain's hat that had not fit. He also told me that, as he was told, he and I might have two dress uniforms for the show. One white, for the opening of the show, and the daytime, casual scenes, and one darker one, for the second act of the show, during the evening scenes. If this turns out to be true, and both day and night uniforms are consist of Navy surplus, I just might find myself wearing the second most awesome thing I have ever worn on stage, for this show.

(The most, and probably unbeatably awesome costume ever for me, was a replica of George S. Patton's uniform, for Moon Over Buffalo.)

So time will tell with regards to the outfit(s).

As for the actual rehearsal, we ran some dance numbers on stage, while singing the music ourselves. This is the first time we did this in the history of the show. Conditions were not ideal, in that the keyboard our musical director used could not be hooked up to the main sound system, and it was difficult to hear. Given this fact though, it was acceptable much of the time.

I have been given a little extra bit of singing in one of the dance numbers. I now sing for a moment in Heaven Hop, when it used to be an all girl number. I will not be thrown, though, as Heaven Hop is the dance during which I do my best foot work.

We also ran the song and dance for Anything Goes, and Bon Voyage. (Though there is no dancing at all in the latter.)

Tuesday night is the same as last night, just with act 2 numbers. (The scarier dances for me.)

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